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Alien Threat Awareness, Addendum

Jake Thoughts ā€” 09 May 2021 04:08:52 -0400

If there is one thing that I pride myself in is the ability to be honest to myself. If I read something that makes me say "huh, that is a valid point and changes the way I view something" then my view point is changed. It is easy to do nothing after having an opinion changed... However, I believe that honesty is hard to come by and since I already schizo-rant about aliens, I might as well do it again. If someone actually did read my opinion piece regarding the alien menace and their view point has also changed, well, I might as well reflect it here otherwise what good am I? You might as well call me "Jake Piece of Crap Who Keeps 'Enlightened' Thoughts To Himself." Not that these view points are entirely enlightened mind you, just something I read and thought "yep, that is a valid point that I did not consider." And so, this is a reflection of change that I feel compelled to compile.

To start off with, aliens are not entirely bad! If they act human, enjoy the same things as humans and don't trigger some kind of 'these guys are FRICKED' feeling, then they might be good. The hard part will be determining how they are good. If the current cabal of the planet oppose them entirely then to me, they must be good. Or, I suppose, an alternative evil that even the cabal didn't think of or plan for. In which case... Hmm... Obviously, many factors are at stake here... The hardest part of this whole thing is determining if they are beneficial to humanity or not or whether we are some kind of grand plan.

Alien arrival would certainly shake a pillar of civilization but people would still go to work, possibly at WacRonald's or KurgerBing. People will still open Rikerosoft Word and Powerpoint and still do their job. Unless aliens actually overturn the 'natural order,' whatever that may be, I do not see much change in how the world works.

I've made the claim that 'good' aliens would not at all interfere with humanity and let humanity develop by themselves. When I have said this, I was still thinking in the same lines that Summers presented: 'enlightened' of some kind and the total opposite of 'bad'. I've realized that seeing the world/inhabitants-of-the-universe as 'white vs black' or 'good vs evil' or something like that is extremely subjective. While I do believe the universe has a rigid standard for what is good (what humanity considers to be good is probably bad and vice versa. Virginity v.s. Promiscuity, as an example. Which of two is good? Which one is bad? Who knows!), life is not required to follow it. Wild life kill to eat: does this make them evil, or just varying degrees of bad? This claim is like saying 'because 2+2=4, good aliens will not interfere with humanity'. This, of course, has nothing to do with the way aliens are good or bad - and frankly speaking, what exactly do I know about 'good' besides it isn't evil? Ignoring my ignorance regarding good and bad, who is to say the aliens themselves are not ignorant? You will not hear it from me! If they know objectively what is good or bad by the standards of the universe then that might be worth listening too, otherwise, it is all subjective. So, unless they objectively know what is good and decide to be as objectively good as possible, they are neither completely good nor completely bad... Probably something like humanity at best.

Previously, I've said that it would be good for humanity to reject offerings of technology from aliens. In my humble opinion, it would still be to the benefit of humanity to develop these things ourselves, but I suppose if humanity can act upon alien technology and 'turn it our own', plainly by tinkering with it and actually understanding what it does and HOW it works, then that is an acceptable alternative to me. I am mainly worry about becoming dependent on advanced technology that we did not develop; I do not want it to be used against us, if a scenario even comes to light (not that I have any control over how people handle alien tech).

I have also said that we should treat them like demons... I am not sure if human principles can apply to them and vice versa; whatever principle aliens have for us maybe totally alien to us. If we cannot be allies culturally and in other various manners like genuine friendship, then perhaps treating them like demons is a good policy, but unless they are actually hostile then I am reluctant to even call them demons but maybe at best, 'aliens'. (Aliens are indeed aliens. I am an enlightened thinker, on par with Plato.) But if they ACTUALLY understand human emotions, and in fact they too feel 'human' emotions (love, hate, etc) then that is very promising. At a minimal it would suggest that we are compatible as allies in some form, but hopefully a lot more than just 'allies'.

I've claimed that the only reason that aliens would show up is because "they think the world is so SO close to agree to join them." I still think this, but I also think that it does not have to be entirely bad. Specifically, in the manner of 'Hello there! This planet belongs to us now. Welcome to the intergalactic community! Here is your space-relay station that allows humanity and other sentient life to travel to different locations in the galaxy, including to and from Earth!" If their intentions are honest, then that, to me, is very good. Not many human beings are honest about their intentions or obfuscate it with 'tricky' language, especially from the very top. From certain perspectives, it may seem like an invasion, and I can understand that point of view... But if they did not conquest the planet from us through war then was it really an invasion? If our nukes and other atomic-like weapons do literally nothing to them and they themselves act in self-defense then... eh... Might of Right says we/the planet belong to them now.

Some people might say "they should leave us alone and let us enlighten!" or "This planet belongs to humans! They should only arrive when we ask them to!" or something that amounts to "leave humanity to its own devices." This, I sort of agree with, at least, at the moment. Maybe after a while their extended presence here will be a great boon to humanity and I will say "I wish they came sooner!" At the moment technology developed by humans serve to enslave humanity and further enact the elite's goals. I will not say alien technology will not do the same, enslaving humanity, but if the aliens are aware of the evil plans and destroy it then well, obviously, that is good. Ideally humanity would do that ourselves but I simply do not see that happening and I only see endless hell by technology developed by humanity. If you are apart of the 'the science is settled' crowd this 'primary source' is a reflection of the type of thing I am talking about: A plan to dim the sun by spraying dust into the atmosphere. A link to Forbes! So, what I am saying is, the actions and plans of aliens might be a better alternative compared to the actions and plans of the 'elite' who clearly love pain and want to put Hell on Earth. Provided, of course, the aliens themselves are not literally evil or apart of the same plot.

A thought occurs to me. If NPCs/masses/'blue-checkmarks'/reddit/etc are all rejecting aliens, then as a principle, aliens must be good or at least worth looking into from a positive light. If everyone starts saying something like "they may look like us but they actually want to ENSLAVE US!" then something has happened to their programming and they are saying this. (Ironically, by being programmed they are already enslaved. Their programming dictates that they are to be against being reprogrammed by something else. Humorous, in a blackpill kind of way.)

"Why did Jake change his opinion? Did he get enslaved by the aliens with their mind-altering techno-magic?" Maybe! The main point of all of this opinion piece is to simply reflect a change of a view point I once had. Aliens can be super cool or totally messed up. I really mean that: they can be what I described in the previous entry or they can be very cool. That is all.

Actually, that is not all. Just because they are aliens and have advanced technology does not mean that they are enlightened or anything of that sort. It just means that they have advanced technology and we do not. If they choose to 'just give us technology', then I am willing to make the argument that we are as 'advanced' as they are technologically. Spiritually is entirely a different matter. If they have psychic abilities as a result of their enlightenment (and not due to biological features) and the usage of their technology requires enlightenment, then I would say they are more enlightened than humanity. But only up to the point humanity cannot operate their technology by the same standards.

My view points in this post should be considered as subject to change.

Other thoughts

jake on 2021-05-09,08:17:01 said:


Random on 2022-05-30,06:15:27 said:

Just like aliens are part of a Natural order they would still have some sort of nuturing sense like motherly instincts and so on. Defence mechanisms just like us

Megumin on 2022-07-18,22:01:59 said:

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