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Basic Meditation [Republished] | Jake's Blog

Jake Thoughts ā€” 30 Apr 2021 09:09:57 -0400

[This article was originally posted on June 19 2020, however, for a reason that I thought was suitable (I was worried about 'blind leading the blind') I took it down. I am republishing it because upon reading it over I do not disagree with what I have written; and in fact is hardly misleading or a bad article. RSS chads will notice that this is in fact apart of my feed which I forgot to remove but decided to keep it there as a 'secret' article. I will add to this article because it has been 10 months since writing it and I have a few more things to say regarding it.]

Meditation is one of those things that everyone should do. I will not describe the benefits or how to meditate since that information is widely avalible and likely the reader is here to 'fact check' me or wants to compare their meditating method with mine. Instead I will describe what I wish I knew when I was just beginning.

"Meditation is just sitting there and thinking."

"Meditation will make me one with God and I will be in a deep trance and I will know everything; no secret shall be hidden from me and..." NO! If you want to go into a trance then that is what you meditate for. If you want to think about a certain topic then that is what you meditate about. I used to think what is in the quotation but when I strangly 'never became one with God and knew everything' I lost motivation... and never did it again because I 'cannot' meditate. This line of thinking cost me 2-3 years.

So to be clear: meditation will not make one equal to God or something... and it really is just sitting there and 'thinking' or if one is doing 'step 1' then only observing or doing as instructed.

With that out of the way, I will describe an important part of meditation that I also wished I knew back then: GOOD record keeping.

I will share an example of what I tried in the past here.

  • Concen trabum(?) | Aug 3 | 6 in morn
  • "I see myself in the Astral World."
  • I was am attempting to astral going to Astral Project by mere will and stubberness.
  • I don't know how long I said that.

Issues: I cannot accurately tell what was wrote in the top left unless I look at other entries, date has no year in it, '6 in morn' is not accurate enough. Despite noting that it was '6 in morn' I did not know how long I said "I see myself in the Astral World." Also, meditation does not give you super powers so I was unable to astral project (though perhaps in due time I may be able to astral project straight from meditation... meditation beginners like me really should just stick with 'sitting and thinking').

An example of better record keeping similar to the one I keep:

  • June 17
  • 12:20PM - 12:43:~43PM
  • Disturbances: Neiughbors dog was barking, text message notifications, non stop chatting in mind, suppressing yawns, extreme itch on hand. Sucked into thoughts 13 times
  • Note: I keep interacting with thoughts, need to observe only. Got 'sucked into' my thoughts 13 times. Don't sit on foot. Itch on hand was hard to ignore but it went away eventually. Consumed like 3 cups of coffee prior to.

This is better but it I forgot to add the year. 'Sucked into' may be confusing to outside readers but I know exactly what it means. It appears that getting 'sucked into thoughts' every 2 minutes is an issue in this example record so I ought to work on that... (inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth reduces that number by a significant margin I find). I use disturbances to list the disturbances immeditally so I don't forget and I use note to note things of interest or better explain some disturbances.

One can clearly see the advantages of good note keeping vs ... bare minimum note keeping. With that I will end the blog post on the topic of meditation.

I have added another RSS feed called Media RSS. It is meant for media topics like games, anime, art... etc. RSS Feed links. [ignore this paragraph for it is totally wrong]

After about 10 months, I still have to agree that good note-keeping is good. How one takes their notes doesn't really matter as long as you mention things that you have experienced/felt/saw. This is a good habit to have since it tracks your progress with meditation which is important. Once you are able to break the 1 hour mark it is... When you go into the 'meditation pose' you will find that your body automatically relaxes, which was surprising for me, and that meditation becomes easier and easier. I feel dirty if I do not meditate for more that 1 hour a day and worse if I do not meditate at all. I don't think I've ever felt 'body happy' before until the first time I went over an hour. It is different from 'head happy' where you see a dank meme and laugh. 'body happy' is... I felt totally at ease, happy, peaceful... I couldn't stop smiling. It seemed to radiate from my body rather than my head which is why I call it 'body happy'. The world itself would've been unable to remove the feeling.

It is more than just tracking progress that you want to jot down what happens during mediation. It is common knowledge that people 'enlighten' from doing meditation; if something comes across your mind while meditating then it is a good idea to write it down, lest you forget it.

A very good point I wrote which I will write again because it is just that good, it is a golden nugget of truth: Meditation is just sitting there and thinking! (or not thinking at all)

You CHOOSE what you want to do when meditating. Want to silence your mind? You do that. Want to visualize things so that your visualization skills get better? You do that. Want to merely be aware of all things that occur while you are sitting? You do that. Want to discuss something internally? You do that. Want to count to 60, x number of times? You do that. Want to go really deep and into a trance? You do that.

There are a lot of things you can choose to do while meditating. Of course, if you are brand new, you should just meditate until the internal mental chatter and visuals (if any) are not overwhelming, but also up to you of course.

I really like mediating, more than I did 10 months ago. If it were up to me, mediation would be taught in schools.

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