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Bloat-free WOTD

Jake Thoughts ā€” 14 Apr 2021 07:58:42 -0400

I've recently signed up for a WOTD (word of the day) program, naively believing that the resulting emails will simply be a pretty form of "word" : "definition". Instead, I receive an unbelievable massive amount of HTML that is nearly unparsable by the human eye which causes me to open the email in a browser.

Upon opening the email (in a browser), I am pleased to note that there is indeed a pretty form of "word" : "definition", but I am extremely displeased by the ads and external links.

I kind of have a feeling that this is 'standard practice' for this kind of thing, so I went ahead and created my own WOTD program. Unlike, what I assume is standard practice, you do not need to sign up with an email and in fact you do not receive an email at all. It is a matter of you subscribing your RSS client to the feed. Look mom! I'm fighting big tech.

You can view the WOTD program with your RSS client and your browser at appropriately named links: wotd.xml and wotd.html, respectively.

Occasionally some definitions will be "See 'x'" ... Yeah, I don't feel like doing anything about that. Enjoy!

Other thoughts

srabybly on 2021-08-17,15:59:46 said:

It ain't workin!

Jake on 2021-08-18,00:17:48 said:

Hello, I believe that I have fixed the issue and further definitions will not break newsboat and other breakable clients. Issue was that wotd.xml was encoded in ISO-8859-1 rather than UTF-8 and when clients ran into 'special' characters they broke. Unfortunately, I emptied out wotd.xml by accident (like an idiot) so I cannot retroactively fix broken entries but I am pretty sure further entries with 'special' characters should be fine. Probably... lol

Jake on 2021-08-30,16:44:10 said:

tfw newsboat broke again.

Jake on 2021-09-16,02:11:54 said:

pretty sure this is permanently working now :)

Jono on 2022-06-17,16:20:42 said:

uhhhh what does your program do?

srabybly on 2022-06-17,16:21:57 said:

Why would you even ask!?!?!

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