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Capture the Flag: Decoding Nightmare

Jake Thoughts ā€” 21 Dec 2020 00:30:28 -0500 *Edited 23 Dec 2020 (Rephrasing certain things)

As the title suggests, I have created a capture the flag challenge, also know as a CTF. This does not involve computer 'hacking' per se but maybe a computer could aid you in this. Not sure.

Here are the flags:

CTF Flags

This needs to be decoded into American English, like this very sentence.

I have provided some text in that can be used as references in this alternative writing system.

Reference 1 Reference 2; Reference 3

If I had the actually created the font for this thing maybe I could have released a PDF instead of 3 images... or better yet a text document and have the font available for download. Or maybe I could've written this entire page with the font instead... that would've been cool.

What experiences will the challenger gain from this capture the flag? A writing system that only the challenger and a handful of others understand. One could pass it off as understanding 'Asian' (though I do not recommend doing that). There is no other benefit to solving this.

Do not worry about where the lines end - there is no secret to glean from it. If there is a line that is ambiguous, please leave a comment (what reference and line) and I will rewrite the whole line making sure each letter/character is extremely unambiguous.

To me each 'letter' is clearly defined and I can read each reference without too much difficulty. Maybe there are some 'letters' that look similar but I can tell the difference between each of them.

I don't know how hard this will be, although I am sure that it will be extremely tedious. This is just if you get bored and you want to try a challenge of some kind (and have a lot of time).

Good luck!

Key 1: Key 2: Key 3: Nickname:

Answers will be manually reviewed~


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Other thoughts

Jake on 2020-12-21,08:37:02 said:

tfw discriminating against the foldless

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