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Censorship A-hoy!

Jake Thoughts ā€” 02 Jul 2020 22:44:32 -0400* Edited on Aug 18 2020, reduced cringe substantially. I can't believe I wrote something so awful. And now it is tolerable.

Reddit, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Youtube, Google, Twitch, Amazon, VISA (credit card company!!), and so on... censorship is a new tool for these 'companies' who are against the USA. Censoring anyone center-to-right while allowing anti-white and pro-genocide of whites (look no further than Reddit). I can now only find opinions that lean right on websites that dedicate themselves to free-speech and unsurprisingly nearly all of these websites contain very-right content. By forcing people to congregate into forums that will accept them... they meet those who have been removed or would have been for being 'too extreme.' I predict an increase count of 'nazis' to emerge.

I do not plan on making more blog posts about this kind of stuff since it seems obvious to me that either the reader already knows or they believe I am evil. Making my own website honestly could not have come at a better time. Unless NearlyFreeSpeech decides to remove me there is no one who can censor me. I recommend the reader to do the same; it is so cheap and HTML is so easy to do. I do plan on a blog post at least once a month so if I do not make a post for like 2 months either chinavirus got me or the spooks did.

Other thoughts

det on 2021-07-06,20:40:16 said:

That's a very true observation. One more thing that's a problem is that now "free speech" itself is being equated with fascism, claiming anyone defending free speech is secretly the enemy, only pretending to be in support of free speech. That sort of thinking is of course very fascist, so with the anti-fascists fearing secret enemies at every turn, they're being pushed towards fascism themselves.

anon on 2022-05-20,09:28:17 said:

With regards to what det said almost a year ago, this is increasingly true today.

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