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Jake's Thoughts plus one year!

Jake Thoughts ā€” 18 Jun 2021 06:19:17 -0400

Hooray! This website has existed for a year now! God, time flies. I remember when I was scared to SSH but now I do it everyday. I went from using a traditional web-host service to self-hosting to hosting on a VPS.

In light of this 'hard to achieve' achievement I have changed the way my website looks! It is same exact content just laid out differently, My website is now mobile friendly... -ish! Not that I had planned for mobile friendly-ness but it seemed to have worked out that way regardless.

In any case, may the next year be uneventful as this year! May the next year be full of learning and more useful :^) blog posts!

Other thoughts

beepboop on 2021-06-19,10:52:12 said:

congrats on one year jake! really happy for you :p

jake on 2021-06-20,02:50:33 said:

thank you :)

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