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My cat 😺

Jake — June 20 2020* *Edited spelling and for clarification June 26, 2020

Let me tell you something about my cat, Mandy. She, like most cats, does three things best: sleep, eat, and you-know-what.

cat on hard ground sleeping

Here she is sleeping. On hard tile! Who does that?

As you can see this pretty normal for little love balls! She rrreally lets you know when she wants her food rrright meow! 😹😹😹

cat rudely staring before entering room

"Feed me human. It is your duty - and life debt to me" Chances are if she is 'hangry' she'll barg right into your room and start meowing! Out of respect (and not wishing to embarrass her), I shan't post u-k-w.

Also, I preemptively deny any allegation that would imply I wrote this piece so that my personal blog section will not be lonely.

Unrelated to blog post - changes are happening on website and probably will be for like a month (but I have not been indexed yet so I shouldn't have any readers anyway lol). RSS feeds are being worked on/revised, etc. The 'Other' page may have a change-logs link on it but I am doubtful about its usefulness on a website.

Other thoughts

kristakqo on 2021-03-24,08:34:43 said:

Awesome cat!!!!

px on 2021-04-25,09:26:18 said:

cute cat!!!

donald j trumpet on 2021-08-05,19:37:07 said:

Very cute cat!! how is she now?

Jake on 2021-08-09,14:50:30 said:

donald j trumpet, thank you! she is basically the same nowadays. sleeping, eating, u-k-w. She is slightly more aggressive with getting her food bowl topped then eating a bite or two then just leaving the bowl alone with it nearly full lol

autistic boymoder on 2022-03-04,02:55:52 said:

cute cute cute

silledoge on 2022-04-11,21:03:43 said:

Do you need my assistance....sir!

Sir. Shrek on 2022-06-08,01:13:04 said:


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