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Tor Relays are NOT Tor Exit Points

Jake Thoughts10 May 2021 15:20:33 -0400

Recently, a corporation that I am afflicted with has decided to block all access from Tor. This is fine except the fact they apparently downloaded the entire Tor database and plugged all IP addresses into their block list... including relays.

In case you don't know how Tor works I will explain it briefly, to be succinct: Guard ➛ Relay ➛ Exit Point.

Guard: When connecting to the tor network you first connect to a guard. Relay: The guard connects to the Relay. Exit Point: The Relay Connects to the Exit Point.

When accessing the Clearnet through Tor, you are given the IP address of the EXIT POINT. NOT the guard's IP address and not the relay's IP address. Server logs show the Exit Point's IP address rather than your own, hence the name exit point.

What is the difference between guard's, relay's and exit point's then? It is clear in the name: Guards are like relays except they are the first point of the connections. Relay RELAYS internet information to the exit point. Exit point is what does all the connections for you.

Yes, exit points can be used for abuse, but RELAYS have no way of telling what is abuse or not. "You are transporting the abuse to other people." It is just more than 'transporting abuse', the privacy benefits of using Tor outweigh the 'transporting abuse'; and anyone who thinks RELAYS themselves allow abuse are total brainlets. You are just punishing people who want to help increase privacy against the increasing global corporate and government surveillance states. Relay's RELAY ALL TRAFFIC which might include abuse, or it might include Muhammed complaining about his government but he has to complain over Tor because otherwise his government might cut his head off. Go fugg yourselves. I am really fuming right now.

Other thoughts

Uncle Podger on 2021-05-10,21:54:01 said:

You are right. Tor haters need a treatment by a psychiatrist.

Jake on 2021-05-10,22:05:12 said:

Gentoo on 2021-05-14,06:50:47 said:

A few points to add; 0. Most of the relay blocking issues are due to one person; "Dan". "Dan" is providing the "Dan Tor" blacklist, which takes Tor's relay listing and places every ip into a brainlet friendly blacklist. One accessing the main listing has a good chance of learning the difference between an exit and a relay, while one using "Dan's" blacklist can block everything without a second thought. 1. Just a handful of the backbone routers handling internet traffic transport far more abuse that Tor ever could. No-one ever complains about those of course. 2. Intelligent criminals have very private networks built with hijacked computers - before Tor, only criminals had privacy. Only lesser intelligent criminals tend to use Tor and they tend to have poor OPSEC as well. A bit of standard police work is the best way to catch them. If Tor was to dissapear tommorrow, I daresay that a certain percentage would move to more private networks, where it's much harder to catch them.

Jake on 2021-05-15,13:27:50 said:

Gentoo, thank you for your comment as it has given me a alternative perspective on some topics. It makes me feel like I still have a lot to learn when it comes to computers.

Jake on 2021-06-11,03:24:50 said:

found another website that blocks ip addresses of tor relays. sadness.

Jake on 2021-07-20,02:24:09 said:

I am convinced that there is some setting on CloudFront that blocks Tor relays from accessing their websites.

Jake on 2021-07-20,02:24:30 said:

Tor relay operators*

slackcero on 2021-08-26,04:21:51 said:

This where Bridges come into play. ...maintaining bridges or a good bridge list of active healthy not necessarily a challenge. Another option is to tunnel the traffic to a more friendly network and simplify things. Actually you should be using bridges anyway. Peace.

Immergemauw on 2021-08-31,14:48:19 said:

The cables under the ocean are transporting the abuse to more people, let's cut them!

Jake on 2021-09-03,03:05:17 said:

Hulu thinks relays are 'vpns' as my parents discovered. its not that hard to get a list of exit nodes christ.

Miranda on 2021-09-16,22:17:23 said:

Love the blog bro

Jack on 2021-12-02,16:59:42 said:

Hey guys, maybe stop triggering yourself here and do something to inform people about Tor? I doubt that anyone who blocks Tor relays will ever read this blog.

Allison on 2021-12-05,11:42:11 said:

This is an awesome blog, found through wiki on tor.

Jake on 2021-12-05,13:19:05 said:

Hey Allison, thanks for visiting!

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