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Using OpenNIC to access alternative tld

Jake Thoughts ā€” 08 Mar 2021 03:47:46 -0500

To begin to access tlds that OpenNIC offers is quite simple really; modify or tell the program(s) that modifies /etc/resolv.conf to use OpenNIC's DNS's as its upstream DNS.

I predict three responses:

  • "Huh?"
  • "Ah, I see, I understand now" (doesn't understand at all)
  • "Ok"

From personal experience... Let me just say, NetworkManager makes it difficult to set your own DNS stuff. For about three days I was trying some strange combination of NetworkManager and dnsmasq and couldn't get it to work. I mean normal networking was fine, but accessing domains with OpenNIC tlds simply was not happening. What did work 'sort of' was creating a file in NetworkManager's conf.d/ directory called dns-servers.conf and putting in OpenNIC's DNS was well as my ISP's DNS under a header(?) called [global-dns-domain-*].

This sort of works, meaning that sometimes I simply cannot connect to OpenNIC tlds which causes me to restart NetworkManager and my browser. However, due to this method, there is NO caching. I have to query DNSs every time I want to resolve something. Obviously, not good, but at the moment it works. I will work out the kinks later, I feel kind of bad for querying things that should already be in my cache.

Anyway... http://jakesthoughts.geek is officially a website! (I serve the same files as my .xyz tld, you are not missing much). You might want to keep this topic in mind (OpenNIC, the tlds, etc) when ICANN mafia decides that they are arbiters of justice and must start yoinking domains left and right (you don't want little Timmy being exposed to unauthorized anime, do you?).

Other thoughts

jop on 2022-01-20,05:09:39 said:

Use systemd-resolved :)

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