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rsync is really good

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Hey you! Have you ever put all your website files into a .tar.gz then sftp that .tar.gz onto the target machine then ssh into that machine then un-tar that file then mv those files to the correct location? No? You have not? Oh, yeah, I have not either..... t-totally... 0.0

Okay, okay, I have. But that is because I did not know about rsync, I mean I knew it existed, I have seen some people mention it. But no one ACTUALLY shills for it. At least not from what I have seen.

I really wish I knew about this earlier. Honestly, all these cool tools make my life easier. I cannot imagine not using rsync now.

Hopefully you already know something about rsync, aside from its name of course. I will show you every line of code that I use to update my website... It's pretty hardcore to be honest.

$ rsync -rlEp web/jakesthoughts.xyz/jakesthoughts/ jakes_nfssh:/home/public/

Yes, literally, that is all I have to do to update my website now. You can determine what the flags mean if you look at the man page.

To clean up leftover junk I would use --delete. My one test with the delete flag shows that it does, in fact, delete files in the remote directory that do not exist in the source directory.

The jakes_nfssh: bit is a... ssh config thing? Here is an example:

$ cat ~/.ssh/config
host *_nfssh
    Hostname ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net
    Port 22

host jakes_nfssh
    User my_username

This little trick allows you to $ ssh jakes_nfssh without having to type in the IP address/url. You can create more 'User' sections so you can login with other users. Requires your public ssh key or, probably, a password.

I am sharing this information because rsync works with ~/.ssh/config which makes my life easier.

From my understanding, admittedly brief, rsync uploads files that are somehow different into the target directory... So I do not need to worry about uploading files that do not need to be uploaded. For (n/g)eocity users... I doubt that you have an rsync option. Neocities seem to have the power to upload by cli but it isn't rsync. Requires Ruby and downloading a gem...

rsync can be used on the command line so it is possible to write scripts with it in mind. Maybe make an alias that rsync's your website in ten (10) keystrokes, like: $ updatesite.

I wrote this piece because I ignored rsync because I thought it was a meme. I cannot and will not go back to my old method. Hopefully, if you are not using rsync, this piece will convince you to try it out. It is super easy to use.

For more information regarding rsync visit: https://rsync.samba.org/

31 Dec 2020 16:24:44 -0500

Brief thoughts on secure communications with GPG keys in 2020+

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PGP/GPG encryption is assumed to be nice and secure, after all if no one has the private key then no one can read the messages made with the public key. This is a small part of my understanding of PGP/GPG. I admit, I do not know much when it comes to PGP/GPG encryption but there is one thing that does come to mind about the securing the private key itself which does concern me: hardware level backdoor.

I am talking about Intel Management Engine and whatever is AMD's equivalent. Rumor has it that IME and AMD's equivalent has a secret processor on the CPU chip itself which allows it to... do anything a non-secret CPU processor can do? I don't know specifics however that is the worst scenario that I can come up with. The processor can connect to the internet, meaning no matter what, you are permanently pwned. Not necessarily by the spooks, but by anyone who knows how to access them. All it takes is one leak from the spooks or those companies and the backdoor will be accessible to anyone. Isn't that scary?

Knowing this, how can one transmit messages encrypted with PGP/GPG keys with modern hardware? Create a PGP/GPG pair with a computer that can NEVER connect to the internet and use that computer to encrypt/decrypt messages. Alternatively, maybe use a dinosaur of a computer as a daily driver. I am out of ideas.

These are my brief thoughts on the matter. I dislike modern hardware more and more. Sometimes I wish I was a caveman. Or a monkeyšŸ’. OOH OOH AAH AHH!

I am going to change my public GPG key that I've put on this website. If you have imported it, sorry, it's compromised. I'll attach a note to one of my opinion pieces after I do it. I thought it would be cool to sign my posts, but I realized that it would be easy for the spooks to pretend to be me, assuming they even wanted too.

24 Dec 2020 16:02:51 -0500

Capture the Flag: Decoding Nightmare

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As the title suggests, I have created a capture the flag challenge, also know as a CTF. This does not involve computer 'hacking' per se but maybe a computer could aid you in this. Not sure.

Here are the flags:

CTF Flags

This needs to be decoded into American English, like this very sentence.

I have provided some text in that can be used as references in this alternative writing system.

Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3

If I had the actually created the font for this thing maybe I could have released a PDF instead of 3 images... or better yet a text document and have the font available for download. Or maybe I could've written this entire page with the font instead... that would've been cool.

What experiences will the challenger gain from this capture the flag? A writing system that only the challenger and a handful of others understand. One could pass it off as understanding 'Asian' (though I do not recommend doing that). There is no other benefit to solving this.

Do not worry about where the lines end - there is no secret to glean from it. If there is a line that is ambiguous, please leave a comment (what reference and line) and I will rewrite the whole line making sure each letter/character is extremely unambiguous.

To me each 'letter' is clearly defined and I can read each reference without too much difficulty. Maybe there are some 'letters' that look similar but I can tell the difference between each of them.

I don't know how hard this will be, although I am sure that it will be extremely tedious. This is just if you get bored and you want to try a challenge of some kind (and have a lot of time).

Good luck!

Answers will be manually reviewed~


  • Nobody. Be the first one!

[ IMPORTANT ] : Each key must be correct or you will not get added!

21 Dec 2020 00:30:28 -0500 *Edited 23 Dec 2020 (Rephrasing certain things)

Alien Threat Awareness

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This post is about the alien menace, the hidden threat. Most likely this will come off as a rant of a schizo but to me that is fine. Honestly, anything slightly occult-y will seem schizo and the only people that will know different are people who are not 'normals', mundanes, 'muggles' (I throw up), or people that have been directly affected by these kinds of things.

What is an alien? A being that is not an Earthling or from Earth. You can make the argument that we are the aliens to the aliens, but like the word infidel or gentile, I think we would use the alien's word for alien to describe the alien's point of view.

Lets go to an alternative universe... Where it is the year 30053 and humanity comes across a fledgling alien world. We want that world. We NEED that world. But for some reason we cannot conquest the world by force. Trade agreements perhaps, One Universe Government rulings perhaps, whatever the case we need that world so - it must subterfuge. Since the inhabitants of the fledgling world are sentient beings, they need to agree to join us.

What is the best way to get the aliens to agree to join us? Well, currently they are barely above the equivalent of a bronze age, so they are in no position to aid our causes meaning we need to speed up their technological development. We will also need to be mindful of their religions - if they have any - and make plans to use religious prophets for our own use later. Additionally, we will need to make sure they have positive feelings regarding aliens so our presence won't be shunned immediately - so we will have to make 'appearances' so they talk about us or at least their cultures will not be too shell-shocked when we make our moves publicly. We will need 'alien' prophets. Aliens that say we are good, kind, etc, etc.. that we 'love' them and would like to 'help' them advance to an age where there is no war, poverty, violence, or hunger.

Due to our technological advancements, the aliens cannot tell the difference between it and magic. We can 'literally' make their religious prophets 'come back from the dead'. We can affect their weather. We can 'telepathically' communicate with them. We can influence their dreams. We can kill them, reanimate them with the bits we want them to keep and with the bits we add (probably not allowed by the rule book but no one will look too closely, probably). We can enslave them if they give us their permission ("Yes!! I agree that you can do anything to me! I LOVE ALIENS! HELP ME ASCEND!!!"). We can do anything - except take their world by force.

Gene therapy is not too difficult for us anymore but intermingling human-alien DNA is truly hell. First of all - do they even have DNA? Second of all - assuming it is possible to intermingle our biological components, we will want a 'super-class' of human-aliens that are subservient to us and to act as rulers of their planet after the aliens agree to join us. The human-aliens will be subservient through biological conditioning (subservient genes), technological enslavement (brain-chips), and cultural environment that make it seem like it is an honor to serve us. If, somehow, the human-alien breaks through his conditioning he will find that his peers are still willing to serve us - and there is always another who can take his place. In order to facilitate human-aliens, we will need abduct a couple of regular aliens here and there and do something to them (probably not allowed if they haven't given their permission, but no one cares for or will look for these particular aliens, probably. It would be to our advantage if 'alien-abductees' as a cultural phenomenon is treated with disdain). If we cannot intermingle their biological components, well, surely some of them would 'trade their soul' to be the rulers of the world... Something like that does require their culture to be receptive to this deal which we will have to make sure happens.

At some point (with our help) they will advance to the correct technological age by going down the technological path we set. We SHOULD control or greatly influence most of the world's governments (if not world government). Their civilization will begin to collapse """for some reason""" - food shortages, pandemics, violence, if you can name it - its happening. The point of this is simple: make them look for a savior as billions of them die, removing a huge useless chunk of the population... leaving the lucky (NPCs who did not die), strong, and wicked. Maybe we will make our presence known, finally. The governments will be receptive. Or maybe they will be 'hostile,' it depends on the move.

"Oh no! We have to help! Enlightened beings such as us cannot bear to see such horrible things! Here, xenos, take this technology that fixes some of your issues, you won't and can never understand how it works - because it's only the year 2002 for you while for us its like 34k something."

They will love us. They will be in-debt to us because we provided solutions to problems we caused. The alien prophets will sing hymns about us. Ideally, with our encouragement, the prophets will start a new religion, based on us - as gods. Governments will 'listen' to them (they already belong to us). Maybe, their old religious prophets will come back and tell them that we are the light and the way. Non-believers are basically like [insert bad man/entity here] and should be [religious term for justified killing] before they [insert bad man/entity actions here]. They wouldn't be able to tell that the religious prophets are fakes - they aren't THAT technologically advanced, yet. Maybe true believers will be able to tell the difference... we will have to keep them quiet somehow.

In order to further grow our reputation we will begin to provide or facilitate;

  • 'Expose' the secret world government (that we aided in its creation) and aid in their destruction (to install an overtly human-friendly government)

  • Gene therapy clinics - get that eyeball color you always wanted! Or maybe you want to be extra fit with no effort? No problem! (May give extra bits)
  • Medical technology that performs things once believed as 'miracles' (may give subject extra bits)
  • Superior plant/insect based food so that the equivalent of cows will no long have to be eaten
  • Complete and total gender reassignment surgery by lab growing our own opposite gender of their species (if they even have that - may come with extra bits)
  • A game system that beams its content directly into your skull so you can consume forever
  • Human Funky PALs! Heckin' based!
  • Netflims... except 128k resolution at a million FPS!!
  • Nano-chip technology that allows anyone to watch alien-approved Netflims in their skull at any given time (might turn subject into 'smart' zombie)
  • Safer neighborhoodsā„¢
  • Better cameras that record in 128k resolution - only used by those we approve of
  • Human 'powers' 'given' to those who know something and freely join us
  • And more and more... So that the majority of the population will trust us

The population will increasingly be indebted to us, taking our technology which solves their issues while increasing their dependence on us. We will seem like superior beings compared to them and they will want to emulate us. Eventually, our prophets will suggest to their fellow aliens that they should join the humans! This idea will roam around in their head spurred on by our controlled media - only in a positive light, maybe some banana-court 'debates' where the opposing side 'looses soundly'. At some point the (new?) government will 'ask' to join us...

If, for some reason, we get resistance, we should threaten to turn off our technology - they will go back to mass starvation, plagues, etc.. This will pressure the world to go in two directions: either useful idiots will purge dissidents thus ensuring the world belongs to the correct people, or the entire world will go against us. Clearly, a card to use with care.

The critical moment MUST be handled and done correctly - they MUST see us in a positive light, they MUST see us as some kind of saviors (they will be 'indebted' to us), they MUST have correct technological advancements that allow them to effortlessly enslave themselves and to disseminate our good name, and most importantly: they MUST NOT REJECT US. If they formally and totally reject us - we lost. It would have been better for us to kill them all with a plague than to have this happen.

This is more or less my view point regarding aliens. If you couldn't tell, in this story the 'humans' are the aliens and the 'aliens' are humans. Why do I think that they cannot take the world by force? Well, simply because they haven't yet. Maybe aliens haven't yet discovered this world yet but I've seen and heard a good number of discussions about aliens, so I don't think this is the case. I literally believe they exist and so do many others. That is not an accident. I believe there are 'good' aliens but no way will good aliens do what my story tells. They would forbid themselves from being seen. They would not influence us until we asked to speak with them. They would not give us technology since that creates a dependence on them.

As for plagues, food shortages... I mean if I was starving nearly to death and everyone I know did starve to death and someone gave me food to live, I think I would be eternally grateful. Of course they would exploit that. They are not human so human principles cannot apply to them. To them we might as well be dogs. Or ants. Although that might be a human principle... The point is - I think they have been here for a long time and they do not have humanities best interest in mind.

I've written this 'blog post' (opinion piece) to share my feelings on the alien threat. Hopefully this is just a schizo post but only time will tell. I hope my thoughts will be with yours if my story starts happening in real life. The most obvious 'moves' the aliens can make is probably them literally appearing. If they literally appear, things are almost too late I think. The only reason aliens appear is if they think the world is so SO close to agree to join them.

A lot of my thinking is influenced by 'The Allies of Humanity' something I read long before making this website, and this opinion piece of mine might as well be a poor rewrite of what it has to say, from the perspective of us as the aliens. I disagree that Summers will be the next 'good person in history', but I digress. A part of me wonders if Summers really did talk to aliens but I suppose that doesn't really matter. Some Christians will say that ALL aliens are demons and maybe that is the case. It would be good for us to adopt this way of thinking, it might save us when they do make their final moves, rejecting their 'gifts' and not falling for their lies.

If Jesus came back from 'Heaven' and began to talk to every one, would you be able to tell that it actually is Jesus and not something else? Would anybody? Food for thought, I think.

Website news: I am looking into a way for users to submit comments without relying on a third party. Probably via a CGI-script. I think what I want to do is to embed the comments rather than literally replace each blog post with a CGI page. Not sure yet. I'll do something and it'll probably be retarded.

04 Dec 2020 11:12:16 -0500


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I have a 'freshly' installed EndeavourOS. Bascially Arch but with an install script. Anyway, I know that I haven't really done any work on my website in a while and I find out that I don't have the font that my website asks for, Verdana. Well, I'll just change to a font I do have, thats not a problem. Just gonna do a good-ole' fc-list and jesus that is a lot of Noto Sans *, Noto Sheif *. About 95% of my 756 fonts is Noto Sans/Serif * which look literally identical to each other. Maybe I am font blind; I can't tell the difference between them. Well, I want a good(-ish) font on my website like most website owners (probably), so I go through each font that doesn't start with Noto and I come up with four that I like:

  • Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
  • AR PL New Kai
  • Z003
  • AP PL New Sung
If you have the font installed, you are reading this in Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. If not, the back up is 'monospace.' I like the mono font because I can actually read a 'big' paragraph without the text burning into my skull and when I look away there is not this 'hue' of color the size of the paragrapgh, which is a problem I have with some websites, espeically websites with color choices that cause my brain to get funky when I try to read the things on their website. Actually this issue of mine doesn't appear only on websites, but usually they are the biggest offenders, sometimes infographs that have an 'interesting' color combo would 'stay' in my vision after I have looked away. This is a me issue so you don't need to worry about this. To be perfectly clear, if you showed me mono fonts side by side I probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Why I choose Bitstream Vera Sans Mono over 'X' is simply because it had an unusual name. This AR PL New Kai font is interesting because it reminds of 'asian' websites that have translated some parts solely for the English speakers. When I read with this font I subconsciously look around the page looking for asian characters. Z003 is a cursive font, it makes things hard to read when it is a small size. It doesn't look like every other font I have installed so it is on the list. But it sure does look pretty! Finally, AR PL New Sung which is a pixel font? It reminds me of asian websites with some latin letters sprinkled in like New Kai. Reading in this font is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. I do not want to even see big paragraphs in this font. Why do I have it on the list? Because it reminds me of computers like the 'console hacking' thing back when I was little. A certain type website may use this kind of font to good use but I can't think of how.

Anyway, I've set the style to use Bitstream Vera Sans Mono and 'monospace' as a back up. I'm sure I've upsetted some Noto loyalists or offended the Gods of Free Font but I don't really particularly care. I know there is a chance that I am the only one in the world with these specific fonts, so there is a chance that I am the only one in the world who can appropriately appreciate this page. Yes, this blog post exists because I am complaining about fonts and I know I can 'just install new ones' but not everyone will have the fonts I have.

Wikipedia (yikes, I know) suggests there are 'web-safe fonts' and what this basically means is that 'most' devices have these fonts. Most things, except probably most Linux distros. I'd be willing to bet that most not-Linux OS's do not have the fonts most Linux distros use. W3School has a list of Web Safe Fonts but guess who doesn't have a single one installed? That's right, me. They literally look identical, except the monospace ones but I could only figure out they were different because of the 'a' character. On that page, it does have a tip where you can use a "Free" Google Font... which appears to have your computer connect to their server and download the font to use temporarily? However, I do not like connecting to foreign entities just to get a some font (for a vain purpose no less) and I suspect most wouldn't either if they knew what this probably entails.

While I am on the topic of fonts, I have at one point tried to create my own font before. Predictably it didn't go so good. There are online 'font makers' but they were always way too clunky for my liking. If you wanted to make a font for lets say Korean, because you made an English variation of the Korean alphabet, because school was a total waste of time and this seemed way more exciting than a full page of math, you were SOL. At least on the free software front, at the time. No no, what I ended up doing was finding out which font software was compatible or worked with Korean alphabet then putting them in a special search engine to get acquire a 'demo-copy.' I almost gave myself a virus. I got the program to install but I had to blitzkrieg the install before the virus activated itself and got promptly cancelled by my anti-malware. Thinking back on it... Hmm... (Authors comment: The more I think about this the more absolutely retarded I realize I was. WTF was wrong with me? Installing a virus knowingly is literally the dumbest thing I've ever done.) Anyways, at least there are now FOSS font software! I think? https://fontforge.org/en-US/. Regardless, that project of mine was short lived.

Anyone with any knowledge of the Korean alphabet knows that Korean has consonants and vowels. They form together in this block like manner something like - 1 for consonant, 2 for vowel, 3 consonant.. It does not have to use block 3. So something like this: ė‚« uses 1,2,3; ķ™’ uses 1,2,3; ė±Œ uses 1,2. 愱 (1) ā†’ ź°ø (1,2) ā†’ ź±€ (1,2,3). Due to the 'block' nature of the writing system... each possible block combination that can be possible had to be created even if it is just nonsense. So... ź±€ is a different character than ź°ø even though they use part of the same 'letters'. It is not like latin writing system where 'a' is 'a' no matter where it is. More like, if 'a' is the first constant then it is character of its own, but if there is a vowel right next to it, 'p', then 'ap' is its own character. If there is another constant lets say 'v' then 'apv' is its own character. In other words, if I wanted to make my cool alternative English writing system, I would need to hand edit about 8,000 different characters. Hahaha... no. I did find some automation scripts that would put my individual letters where they should go but couldn't get them to work. Well, more accurately, I couldn't figure out how to get them to 'run'.

I briefly tried to figure out how to make a language pack but there is literally no information on how to do that for windows. Enjoy your new knowledge of the Korean alphabet!

10 Nov 2020 12:44:17 -0500

Jake, with a slice of onion

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When I saw this onion website (Coarse Enigma) I knew I had to do the same thing. So I did! The articles on Coarse Enigma are of much much higher quality than mine, by a large margin, I fully recommend the reader to check it out.

The hidden service/relay (I am aware this has a certain risk) was quite easy to set-up; just install nginx and tor. The config file for tor basically tells you what to do. For Nginx you have to search-engine the right phrase but basically it is easy too. The hard part, I suppose, was dealing with random errors that seem to make no sense. After messing around with this distro for sometime I can intuitively just 'know' what is wrong when these things happen. If you asked me to explain why I chased down y instead of x, I would be unable to tell you.

I've done what I could to reduce the footprint the website for the tor network. Plainly speaking, images are the biggest drain. When I see the folder-size of my original website it is less than 4MiB with the image directory consisting of well over half of that. 90% of pages are less than 10KiB, with a notable exception of 2020.html which currently sits at around 12KiB (publishing more entries is sure to increase this, obviously.) For the hidden service, the entire folder-size of the website is less than 1MiB, as a result of purging all my lovely banners in favor of one (RIP in peace) and dithering the remaining images. Some images, like the NEET girl on the front page, dithering actually increased her size from ~20KiB to ~60+KiB, for some reason. Prolife tip: do not save dithered .jpg files; dithered .jpg NEET girl with quality set to 1: 8.7KiB (setting quality above 1 increases file-size unpreditably), dithered .png NEET girl with compression level 9: 6.1KiB. Due to the changes, I effectively have two very similar websites but sort of different.*

Left one is .jpg, right one is .png.

My VPS has my personal information and I paid with a credit card; if the spooks want to me to have an accident all they have to do is ask the VPS provider for my information, should I say something spooky and not government-friendly. As such, I've decided that the onion site will mirror my non-spooky-website, more or less, since the VPS links directly back to me pretty clearly. The VPS cost money, not as much as one would expect, but perhaps a good amount depending on economic factors, so when/if I go homeless/dead for unknown reasons and I can no longer afford to pay the VPS, the onion site will probably go down. The main site, where it costs ~$0.33 a month, will last a long time I hope. I do know what I would do if I wanted/needed to host a site more securely:

  • Get a raspberry pi.
  • Get an internet connection from 'somewhere'.
  • Install the software (nginx, tor, etc)
  • Design the website in a very conservative manner, making sure I use proper English, spell correctly, don't say things like 'I like the burgeršŸ” joint at x,y,z', don't post ANY images pulled from the web or from phone, etc
  • Harden the pi

Alternatively, other things:

  • Pay for a VPS with crypto-coins
  • Do above where applicable

I am amazed at how little I needed to spend just to get an onion site to work (nothing, I didn't spend a dime). You don't even need to be a relay to have a hidden service.

Overall, this was a lot of fun, and would do again..... 10/10 experience.

*Authors Note: This paragraph was written when the author has/had a verrry slow tor speed. Upon visiting each site at various times the author noticed that sometimes the onion site loads faster than the clearnet site and sometimes the onion site takes a full minute or more to load after the clearnet site loads. The author will upload the slimmed down site regardless.

For more dithering information: https://blog.lvgl.io/2017-07-03/dithering

18 Sep 2020 18:01:25 -0400

Major website update!

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Yes! Big update to the website! Basically I increased the folds in my brain artifically and added a 'dropdown' menu that goes under the blog navigation block. I used to have like 4 columns of blog posts on one page but now I have seprate pages for each important page! Each with their own mostly-handmade loveingly-crafted banner! I'm sure my bandwidth cost won't go up much after this... :^)

18 Aug 2020 00:41:15 -0400

Censorship A-hoy!

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Reddit, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Youtube, Google, Twitch, Amazon, VISA (credit card company!!), and so on... censorship is a new tool for these 'companies' who are against the USA. Censoring anyone center-to-right while allowing anti-white and pro-genocide of whites (look no further than Reddit). I can now only find opinions that lean right on websites that dedicate themselves to free-speech and unsurprisingly nearly all of these websites contain very-right content. By forcing people to congregate into forums that will accept them... they meet those who have been removed or would have been for being 'too extreme.' I predict an increase count of 'nazis' to emerge.

I do not plan on making more blog posts about this kind of stuff since it seems obvious to me that either the reader already knows or they believe I am evil. Making my own website honestly could not have come at a better time. Unless NearlyFreeSpeech decides to remove me there is no one who can censor me. I recommend the reader to do the same; it is so cheap and HTML is so easy to do. I do plan on a blog post at least once a month so if I do not make a post for like 2 months either chinavirus got me or the spooks did.

02 Jul 2020 22:44:32 -0400* Edited on Aug 18 2020, reduced cringe substantially. I can't believe I wrote something so awful.

Using lb to quickly improve my blogging speed!

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There is a saying that goes something like this: "if a someone is smart enough to create something, then you are definitely smart enough to edit it." Very wise statement. I have a three digit iq btw

Editing Luke Smith's lb script was an interesting experience. I made it so that the publish option will give options: personal or TMO or both (of course RSS feeds are updated as well). I've never worked with bash before but I have general scripting knowledge so that helped. All the '%s' reminds me of Python. Of course knowing how to properly use a search engine helped as well. Unrelated to the script I had to learn how to make a symbolic link with ln to get images to work since the Rolling Release blog page is in the root directory and the 'standalone' blog entries are in the /blog directory.

I will create a script that will automate SFTP and upload the entire website if upload source is newer than remote source because dragging and dropping the entire website into the remote directory with FileZilla is truly disgusting.

23 Jun 2020 20:58:42 -0400

My cat šŸ˜ŗ

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Jake - June 20 2020*

*Edited spelling and for clarification June 26, 2020

Let me tell you something about my cat, Mandy. She, like most cats, does three things best: sleep, eat, and you-know-what.

cat on hard ground sleeping

Here she is sleeping. On hard tile! Who does that?

As you can see this pretty normal for little love balls! She rrreally lets you know when she wants her food rrright meow! šŸ˜¹šŸ˜¹šŸ˜¹

cat rudely staring before entering room

"Feed me human. It is your duty - and life debt to me"

Chances are if she is 'hangry' she'll barg right into your room and start meowing! Out of respect (and not wishing to embarrass her), I shan't post u-k-w.

Also, I preemptively deny any allegation that would imply I wrote this piece so that my personal blog section will not be lonely.

Unrelated to blog post - changes are happening on website and probably will be for like a month (but I have not been indexed yet so I shouldn't have any readers anyway lol). RSS feeds are being worked on/revised, etc. The 'Other' page may have a change-logs link on it but I am doubtful about its usefulness on a website.

RSS created

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Jake - June 19 2020*

*Edited for spelling June 26, 2020 | the contents of this webpage may be incorrect

I have created four (4) RSS feeds...

Likely this is three too many (and if someone decides that they do not want to read an article they can just not read it) but I feel that this is best.

General/All RSS will contain all things including blog posts that are not applicable to the other tags. Tech RSS will have tech stuff in it like stuff about this website or in tech in general. News RSS will contain news that I found and decided to share or talk about - most likely about current events. Occult RSS will contain things that probably wouldn't be talked about in the mainstream media. Aliens... cloning... meditation... anything that is too 'crazy' for mainstream consumption will go here. This reason is actually why I am creating an independent blog free from WordPress or from other Silicone Valley. I have seen too many truth-seeker's webpage get removed for 'violating community standards' or something.

Note: when this blog is published there will only 2 entries on the my site... News RSS and Occult RSS feeds will be empty! I may change the RSS system later.

Website created

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Jake - June 18 2020*

*Edited for spelling June 26, 2020

Today the website has been created. I have registered the domain with nearlyfreespeech.net and they host my website. I do not expect much traffic. Monthly bill seems like it will be approximately $1.34 with email forwarding... (removing it makes it $0.41) Very cheap! Of course there is creating the whole website thing that one will have to deal with - which NFS expects you to be ok at. They do not give you a website maker! You have to SFTP to put the index.html page in the public folder and SSH to enable TLS which will spook many people. It kinda spooked me because I've never SSH-ed before. Once one gets over that hurdle it seems like easy sailing. I made the alias of this website and registered the domain name with the same name and it just werks. For me that is.

This website exists as a call from Luke Smith (lukesmith.xyz)(seems he broke his website by accident at time of writing) He advocates for more personal websites because the internet is not meant to have like 5 websites. I used NFS (for everything) instead of the domain registrar that Luke suggested because in their terms of service it states that "... Morally objectionable activities will include, but not be limited to: activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm, abuse, threaten, slander or harass third parties ..." meaning if I call out a member of the media and showcase hypocrisy and it 'embarrasses' them then the registrar Luke Smith suggested could removed as per their terms of service. I do not know if they would but I did not want to risk it...

That being said NFS is a website provider... (no minecraft servers) they do not offer mail services but it seems like one can (from my limited understanding) attach a third party email client-thing to their website. Eh. I do not know what to think of this; so I will probably just use a free third party like cock.li and offer my PGP key. I have no real pressure to establish an independent email thing right now.

RSS feed is to come since remembering this website's existence will likely be hard. I am planning on creating a 'tag' like in WordPress for the RSS feed; this way my 'tech' tag will only have tech and not anime and vice versa... Of course there will be a 'general' tag as well. Pretty sure Luke has made a video detailing it.

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